Privacy Policy


Colwall Orchard Trust Privacy Statement

1.  Colwall Orchard Trust , known as Colwall Orchard Group (COG), is a registered charity and a limited company set up with the objective to restore, promote and celebrate traditional orchards in the parish of Colwall in order to benefit the natural environment and the local community, and to advocate the importance of traditional orchards and fruit varieties both locally and nationally.

2.  This statement has been prepared to explain how COG complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ). It is COG’s policy on data protection.

3.  COG collects and retains contact data for its members and for those who have expressed an interest in keeping in touch. As a charity our supporters (eg members) have a ‘legitimate interest’ in receiving information from us and this allows us to keep contact information data. Our supporters are invited to opt-in to receiving communications from COG either when they sign up as members, or via an opt-in email request. 

4.  Membership data will be destroyed 12 months after the annual membership renewal date if a member does not renew their membership. Other contacts (non-members) can opt-out of receiving communication at any time by contacting the Secretary and their contact details will be removed from the mailing list.

5.  COG uses contact data:

On members, supporters and other contacts

•  to keep members and other contacts informed about COG activities and events;

•  to advise on how individuals can support the work of COG;  

•  to remind members when their annual membership is due for renewal;

•  to claim Gift Aid contributions from (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC);

On Board members

•  to register their role with Companies House and the Charity Commission;

On active volunteers

•  to meet COG health and safety policy requirements (see paragraph 10).

6.  Information is collected from members on a membership application form and the paper forms are stored securely. Contact information data is recorded electronically on a password protected members database. Information about other contacts and supporters is gathered from email communication or verbally and is added to the contact database. 

7.  Members are invited to supply an email address, phone number and postal address annually on a membership form which explains the reason for gathering and holding the information. This means that members are opting-in to receiving information from COG. While communication to members is mainly by email, there are occasions when contact by phone or text is helpful, for example when changes are made to arrangements for meetings, activities and events. A postal address is required if a member wishes COG to claim Gift Aid on their membership donation or any other donation, but is also useful for occasional correspondence, for example to circulate flyers and leaflets. Members are prompted to let COG know if their contact details change.

8.  Other contacts (non-members) are notified of our intention to add them to our mailing list by an email stating that we would like to stay in touch. This is an opt-in agreement. 

9.  All email communication includes a statement as a footnote to summarise our GDPR obligations with a link to the COG Privacy Statement on the website. 

10. Additional information is requested from active volunteers to meet our health and safety policy on a Volunteer Health and Safety Form. This is to ensure that we are aware of medical conditions that might occur during volunteer tasks or which would be helpful to be aware of if an accident or incident occurred. The information requested includes an emergency contact. The information is held with medical emergency equipment taken on all volunteer tasks (the COG Battle Box). In the event of an emergency this information would be shared with medical practitioners.

11. All information collected by COG is only used by COG and is never passed to any other organisations or third parties. The only exception is the Gift Aid information supplied to HMRC in order that COG can claim Gift Aid as instructed by the individual donating to COG. 

12. If individual contact details are requested by another individual or organisation other than COG (for example a grant giving body) these would only be forwarded with the explicit permission of the individual concerned. This means that the individual whose information has been requested will be informed of the request, from whom it has been requested and for what purpose. The individual would need to actively state that they authorised this before information was shared.

13. Information can be withdrawn from the COG contact database at any time by writing to the Secretary at 1 The Way, Mathon Road, Colwall, WR13 6ER or by emailing

14. Any concerns, questions or complaints about this policy should be addressed to the Secretary, as above. 

Agreed by Board of Trustees

April 2018.