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Welcome to the Colwall Orchard Group website.

Orchards form an important part of the landscape within and surrounding the village of Colwall, in Herefordshire.

They are places where people and nature exist in harmony - indeed a mutually supportive relationship. Magical places to delight and uplift the spirit throughout the seasons.

For many years Colwall was a productive centre for the growing, harvesting and processing of fruit. Whilst the economics of orchards have changed we continue to explore ways to sustain this wonderful part of our nature heritage. 

We want orchards to remain an important part of the Colwall landscape bringing benefits for people and nature.

About Us

Our Team


Colwall Orchard Trust Ltd, known as Colwall Orchard Group, is a company limited by guarantee and a charity.

We are located in the village of Colwall, close to the Malvern Hills on the Herefordshire - Worcestershire border.

Our History


Inspired by the Common Ground movement Colwall Orchard Group was founded in 2011.

Since that time we have grown as an organisation and we now have a Board of Trustees and over one hundred members who act as volunteers working to put our ideas into practice.

Our Goals and Activities


Colwall Orchard Group exists to restore, promote and celebrate traditional orchards.

We do this by 

practical management of new and veteran orchards;  through regular social events, activities and education sessions; 

by processing and selling our orchard produce; 

by providing consultancy services to others; by researching our local orchard heritage.