We work as consultants with other orchard projects


We are always keen to spread our knowledge and to work in partnership with other like-minded groups and organisations. 

In the image above this was a fruit tree pruning session for the Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project.

We host regular educational sessions for young people


Using the classroom at our refurbished Apple Packing Shed at Colwall Village Garden we host regular sessions for young people on a variety of nature and environmental topics.

We host autumn apple harvesting and juicing sessions for school groups


We provide a wonderful educational opportunity for young school children who can pick their own (precious!) apples from our trees, learn about the process of juicing fruit, and get to taste the fruits of their labours with a glass of fresh apple juice.

We undertake planting of new orchards and pruning of trees for private customers


We are happy to lend a hand (and some extra muscle) for your own orchard planting project or to provide specialist practical help on pruning your own trees.

We organise an annual fruit tree ordering scheme


Each winter we invite our Members to order trees, shrubs, hedging plants and fruit bushes through our fruit tree ordering scheme.

We can advise on the best plants for your situation and we use our bulk purchasing power to provide you with considerable savings on the cost of new plants.

We run training courses


We run numerous one day courses on subjects such as 

  • Apple identification
  • Pruning and juicing
  •  Organising a Wassail
  •  Managing orchards