Our Sites

Colwall Village Garden

Colwall Village Garden is our flagship site that we purchased in 2011.

The six acre site located in Old Church Road, Colwall hosts a community orchard with 250 trees, a recently restored vernacular apple packing shed, compost toilet, 60 allotment plots for rent at reasonable rates, and a wildlife pond.

You are welcome to visit the site and there is on site parking for cars and bicycles available.

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Lugg's Mill

Lugg's Mill was our second site acquisition, purchased in 2016.

The 2.5 acre site is also located in Old Church Road, Colwall-  a short walk from Colwall Village Garden. 

This attractive piece of land was the site of a former water- powered corn mill  in the 19th century, and the stream that previously supplied the mill with water dissects the site in two.

 We have planted up the site with a new cherry orchard to one half and a new apple orchard in the other half.

You are welcome to walk around the land and a public footpath crosses the site. Parking is on a layby by the entrance to the site on Old Church Road.


Stamps Orchard

Stamp's Orchard is a real favourite amongst our volunteers, and is representative of several of the other privately owned traditional orchards within the Parish of Colwall that we regularly visit.

The orchard, located between Old Church Road and Mathon Road in Colwall, is accessible by a public footpath although there is no available car parking.

Stamps Orchard is characterised by many old standard fruit trees - predominantly apples and pears -  many of which are now hollowed out, decaying or fallen. 

This is a fabulous site for wildlife including flambuoyant Noble Chafer Beetles and Green Woodpeckers.

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