Collecting wildflower seed from our donor meadow...


Our pilot meadows orchard project got started on the ground this week. We have begun to harvest wildflower seed, to include large quantities of Yellow Rattle, from our local donor meadow site, and we'll be drying the seed next, with a view to spreading it in test areas of our newly created orchards at Colwall Village Garden and at Lugg's Mill in August. 

With thanks to the owner of the donor meadow and to our partners at Herefordshire Meadows and also Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.


 Sieving the seed - for which a sun lounger is obviously an essential piece of equipment...

Substantial quantities of wildflower seed - result!

Substantial quantities of wildflower seed collected - a great result!

Colwall Apple Day Saturday 6th October 2019 (to be confirmed)

Colwall Mistletoe Fair Saturday 7th December 2019 (to be confirmed)

Colwall Wassail Saturday 18th January 2020