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Sponsors and Links

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Malvern Hills AONB The Malvern Hills and the surrounding area is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,because of their special landscape features and qualities. The AONB partnership supports landowners and community groups in the AONB. They have funded Colwall Orchard Group ever since our earliest beginnings through their Sustainable Development Fund - set up to support projects that bring social, environmental and economic benefits to the AONB. This funding has been vital to our continuing development and success.


Malvern Hills Trust:


Colwall Parish Council


Malvern Lions get involved in a variety of projects to help the local community. At Christmas and Easter they have a scheme in conjunction with the local paper the Malvern Gazette, to donate £1,000 as small grants to local organisations. They have given us grants for children's play equipment, bug hunting kit and a kissing gate.




Our local businesses


Cafe Morso - support our work and stock our apple juice.


DF Legal LLP - our local solicitors, based in Ledbury and Tewkesbury - they handled all the legal work associated setting Colwall Orchard Group us as a company and a charity and the purchase of Colwall Village Garden - all completely pro bono. Do consider using them yourselves for any conveyancing, family or employment law matters - in fact, for anything "legal"!


Reeves Design - Helen Reeves is a great supporter of Colwall Orchard Group and designed our fantastic logo and our various posters, plans and displays.


Wallers Butcher's - Waller's the butchers make the most fantastic sausages and we go to them whenever we need supplies for our events. They made the sausage rolls for our Wassailing this year (so now you know where to get them).


Other Suppliers


Trees for Life (Frank Matthews) - Nick Dunn at Trees for Life is a great orchard enthusiast and has supported the group with training and and by providing a huge variety of quality fruit trees. The company was responsible for rescuing two of our Colwall varieties - the apple "Captain Tom" and the apricot "Golden Glow".

Silky Fox - Suppliers of all the high quality pole saws, folding saws, loppers and secateurs that we use for pruning tasks and the tripod topiary ladder we use for pruning and harvesting. The tools are all Japanese makes such as Hyauchi and Zubat - developed for specialist topiary and pruning work.


Vigo - suppliers of presses, crushers, mills and a variety of other equipment used in juice and cider making, including the really practical harvesting bags we use.



Local Orchard Groups


The Big Apple - An association of orchard owners in the seven parishes of the Marcle Ridge in Herefordshire. They run excellent blossomtime and harvestime festivals and annual cider and perry trials.


Worcestershire Orchards - A new project to document and describe the varieties of fruit originating in or first produced and marketed commercially in Worcestershire, is an ongoing labour of love by Wade Muggleton and a dedicated group of volunteers.


Marcher Apple Network - A society for reviving old varieties of apples and pears in the Southern Marches.


The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association An association for cider or perry enthusiasts in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire.


Gloucestershire Orchard Trust. Aims to conserve, promote and celebrate traditional orchards in Gloucestershire.


Herefordshire Orchards is the website of the Herefordshire Orchards Community Evaluation project (HOCE). This study of six very different orchards in Herefordshire used accounting techniques to derive a broad value of each orchard.



National Orchard Groups


The Orchard Network is the website of the Habitat Action Plan (HAP) group for Traditional Orchards - a partnership of organisations working together for the conservation of Traditional Orchards as a wildlife habitat. This site is a useful resource for finding out about the wildlife that thrives within our orchards, the issues that surround their conservation, and ways that you get involved.


The Orchard Market place is an online marketplace, set up to facilitate the exchange of fruit and other orchard related produce nationwide (by purchase, exchange or for free).


Brogdale Horticultural Trust

Home of the national fruit collection.



Other groups and organisations with an interest in orchards


Natural England

Adminsters the Higher Level Stewardship scheme, which funds management of key biodiversity habitats including orchards in the Malvern Hills target area. We have an HLS agreement for the Colwall community orchard. They have also issued a series of Technical Information Notes to help orchard managers.


Forum for the Future

What is the real value of an orchard? How do you put a price on biodiversity, tranquillity or heritage? The Bulmer Foundation worked with Forum for the Future to derive a novel methodology for assessing the full total economic value of orchards in Herefordshire, as described in their ‘Windfall’ report.



Orchard wildlife:


The People's Trust for Endangered Species

The people’s trust for endangered species runs various conservation projects, including a survey of traditional orchards, focusing on the noble chafer beetle.


Herefordshire Wildlife Trust:


Worcestershire Wildlife Trust


WWT - Malvern Branch


Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Group:


Herefordshire Mammals Group:


Ledbury Naturalists Filed Club


RSPB Worcester and Malvern Local Group:


Worcestershire Mammals Group:


Other interesting links:


Colwall Greener

A group set up to help Colwall meet the twin challenges of peak oil and global warming. They supported Colwall Orchard Group in the early days of the project .


Transition Malvern Hills

A Transition Town initiative for the communities in and around the Malvern Hills area, to encourage practical local action to tackle climate change and oil dependency.


Chris Morton’s photo galleries

Chris Morton , a former member of Colwall Orchard Group, has a wonderful selection of photographs of Colwall, Herefordshre and further afield. The galleries include many pictures of our orchards and orchard trees and blossom, as well as some pictures of Moccas Park taken on our member’s trip last November.





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