Colwall Orchard Group

Colwall Orchard Group

Restoring, promoting and celebrating traditional orchards

Colwall Orchard Group

is a small charity set up to restore, promote and celebrate traditional orchards – why not join us?


What we do

Working entirely with volunteers, we

  • manage the Community Orchard, our newly restored Apple Packing Shed (see report here) and other facilities at Colwall Village Garden;
  • run seasonal events, such as our Apple Day and Wassail to celebrate our orchard heritage (see our events page);
  • share our enthusiasm for orchards with all sorts of people through talks, walks, events and environnmental education sessions for children;
  • teach people practical orchard management skills;
  • encourage everyone to enjoy sustainable local orchard produce; and
  • have lots of fun!


Our Services

  • We are the Herefordshire 'hub' for the Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project
  • We offer advice on orchard and fruit tree management
  • We prune garden fruit trees at modest rates
  • We make and sell apple juice and other orchard produce
  • We run events for school children and care farms
  • We sell fruit trees, ornamental trees and soft fruit at very competitive prices (CAA members also get cheap seeds)
  • Through Colwall Allotment Association, you can rent an allotment plot


If you would like to join us to help with any of these activities, or you would like to call on any of our services, please contact us, giving us brief details of your request.


Page updated: 11th March 2018