Colwall Orchard Heritage

Colwall Orchard Group

Restoring, promoting and celebrating traditional orchards

Colwall Orchard Heritage project


Colwall Orchard Group has started a project to explore the history of orchards in the parish. We are keen to find out more about our rich fruit-growing heritage.


So far we have looked through books and archives for information, maps and documents and we have spoken to people who remember orchard related activity.

The story so far is summarised on the next page.


Are you interested and able to help us?


  • Were you an orchard worker, perhaps for the Ballards or for Geoffrey Knight Grovesend Ltd?
  • Do you have personal memories of orchards you'd be happy to share?
  • Do you have old documents; photographs; maps; artefacts such as cherry picking ladders, orchard tokens or local fruit boxes which we could photograph and record?
  • Does your property have an old cider mill, an old fruit store, or any other structure associated with the fruit industry?


We intend to produce an information leaflet that would support a guided walk through the village and will publish information on this website for all to see. We also hope to inform the story of Colwall Parish that is currently in production by the Victoria County History Society.


If you can assist or would like to know more please email