New cherry orchard at Lugg's Mill

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Support our vision for a new cherry orchard at Lugg's Mill


We need to raise £40,000 by January 2018

Once upon a time, carters hauled flour along Old Church Road from the village corn mill through a sea of springtime pink, as acre after acre of cherry orchards came into bloom. But by 1904 the mill was disused and by the 1960s it and all the cherry orchards were gone.


Colwall Orchard Group now has a fantastic opportunity to buy the site of Lugg’s Mill and its former cherry orchard on Old Church Road. We know how to put the orchard back, we’re quite good at that now, but we won’t be re-building the mill – although restoring the mill pond might be a fun project.


The fields where the mill and orchards once stood have some beautiful ancient oak, ash and field maple trees and a stunning little babbling brook snaking through their length. The brook is full of fish and is one of the few places in the village where you can still see Kingfishers.


There is a small pull-off for parking and a public footpath running right through the fields. If we can buy the site then we will open it up as a new public space for the village with disabled access.

So imagine the scene in May 2030 – the new generation of cherry and apple trees have grown up and are dripping with blossom as you eat your picnic by the brook. You are hoping for a glimpse of sapphire blue as a Kingfisher returns to its nest but are happy to listen to the moorhens clucking away on the newly restored mill pond and to watch the woodpeckers feeding in the new trees.

Sounds great doesn’t it!


So, we just need to raise £40,000 by January next year! We are applying for grants from a variety of funders, but in these austere times it can be very challenging to raise money from these sources. So dear reader this is where you come in. If you want to help to save and restore a wonderful part of Colwall’s history, then please think about giving us a donation. You can do this by sending a cheque to Colwall Orchard Group, c/o The Cottage, Chase Road, Upper Colwall WR13 6DJ or though the donate button above or through our Just Giving page.


Huge thanks to those who have done this already.