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Lugg's Mill

Orchard Project


Progress Report


It’s early June as I write this with the fantastic news that we have now raised the purchase price for Lugg’s Mill. Huge thanks to those who have supported us so generously, we couldn’t have done it without you. We still need a bit more and then of course there are legal fees to deal with so we are still happy to receive further donations!


Then we have to find the money to actually plant the orchard! Our plan is to plant one field exclusively as cherries and the other as a mixture of dessert apples to make juice and more cherries. This will cost £7,000 and we will be starting another round of fund-raising soon. We are still running our tree dedication scheme which many of you have supported in the past. For £70 you can sponsor a tree or dedicate it to a loved one – we will plant it, care for it and install a plaque with your choice of words.


You may remember that in our last update we reported that we might have found one of the old millstones protruding from the ground. We have now excavated this and to our delight, as we turned it over, it was obvious that it was indeed a millstone. Even more exciting is that we believe that it may be a very old stone from the 18th C. It is incredibly thin and has clearly seen many years’ work – heaven knows how much flour it must have ground before it was thrown out and lost to sight for all those years. You can see it on the front cover and also a video of it being unearthed on the Lugg’s Mill Progress page of our website.



Our sponsors include:

  • private donations £3,015 (including gift aiI)
  • The Banister charistable Trust £15,000
  • Severn Waste £10,000
  • Pippin Trust £5,000
  • Linley Shaw Charitable Trust £3,500
  • Rowlands Trust £3,000
  • Alan Evans Trust £1,000


Excited volunteers reveal old mill stone at Luggs Mill!