Colwall Community Orchard

Colwall Orchard Trust Ltd, known as Colwall Orchard Group, is a company limited by guarantee (registration no. 07495461) and a charity (registration no. 1142573)

Colwall Community Orchard

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Colwall Community Orchard is on Old Church Road, on a stoned track leading up to the left just after the turn off for Orlin Road. It is a 10 minute walk from Colwall Stone via Stone Drive, or you can reach us via several village footpaths - see the map. If you do come by car, if the track is muddy please use the parking area at the end of Orlin Road.


The Community Orchard is part of Colwall Village Garden which also includes village allotments, the Old Apple Packing Shed (which serves as our headquarters), a parking area and a childrens' play area. The site is open for anyone to visit, but please keep any dogs on a lead, especially around the allotment plots and if there are sheep or cows in the orchard (and please pick up and take away any dog poo!).


After 3 years of hard work, we have now completed the planting of the Community Orchard, which is actually the replanting of a former orchard known as Gas Orchard, which had been bulldozed in about 1960. We held a final 'topping out ceremony' to plant the last tree in April 2014. It was a Stinking Bishop perry pear (a variety originating from Moorcroft Farm in Colwall) which was planted by John Bishop (great Grandson of the Frederick Bishop who gave the pear it's name) and Charles Martell (maker of the famous Stinking bishop cheese, which is flavoured by perry made from Stinking Bishop pears).


This picture shows our vision for Colwall Village Garden - we are well on the way to achieving this as we have:


  • Created the allotments (rented to Colwall allotment Association)
  • Planted 244 trees in the orchard
  • Planted 47 fruit trees in the hedges and around the allotments
  • Set up a community apiary (currently with 2 hives)
  • Restored the roadside hedge
  • Planted 3 new hedges
  • Developed the childrens play area with a firepit, childrens scrumping trees, a toy tractor and the ever popular rolling 'chubes'.
  • Built ourselves a lovely composting toilet
  • Installed water and electricity
  • Created the pond
  • Woven a giant willow apple sculpture


The trees are still young, but we look forward to getting some crops in due course. We are already using some of the fruit, as well as vegetables off the allotment, for our preserves, which continue to sell well.


The allotments are doing well. We are now in our 5th growing season, so those that have been tended thoughout are looking very well established. It is really interesting to walk around the plots to see what people are growing and the range of techniques for managing the plots, from annual rotovating for a clear start, through mulching to permanent raised beds, with some under a regime of "benign neglect". There are a few small plots vacant - if you are interested, see the Allotment Association pages.


We are now working on the refurbishment of the Apple Packing Shed, which is going very well!


Page updated2nd April 2016